About clearspirit:

Through clearspirit, Managing Director Simon Weightman provides specialist consultancy services to public and private sector clients who need support with all areas related to wage spend. Restructures, process mapping, time study, business process re-engineering, cost modelling, productivity improvement, cost savings, modelling systems and budget strategies are all on the menu for clients of all shapes and sizes.


Transparency and Honesty are the basis for a successful relationship between consultant and client, but also a vital part of any changes to wage spend and strategy, which in turn drive…

Buy-in and Belief, the essential ingredients for any successful implementation of any new processes, systems or ways of working at board level and, more importantly, at department and team level

How many times has your business paid for a period of consultancy, only for all the possible benefits, or ongoing development of them, to cease or reduce as soon as the consultant leaves? All projects undertaken include plans for Continuity and Knowledge Transfer to ensure ongoing benefits can be realised.

•Every project starts with a detailed proposal and project plan, ensuring that the output, cost and timescales are clearly agreed, thus ensuring that all work undertaken is Clearly Scoped and Quantifiable, with complete agreement on the duration, cost, scope and output of the work.

...clear communication, a detailed analytical approach and effective and realistic feedback...

Nigel Swift, Marketing and Sales Director, Celesio UK

...I would highly recommend Simon to others and would be happy to utilise his services again in the future...

Dr. Irene Campbell, Former Assistant Director: Community and Customer Services, East Sussex County Council

More About Simon:

Simon launched clearspirit in 2005, having previously spent 15 years working for one of the UK’s largest food retailers. During this time he spent 7 years in store management before joining a fledgling Productivity Department. Rising through the ranks to head an enlarged productivity and simplification function, Simon was tasked with identifying and implementing all opportunities for process simplification, as well as being responsible for the allocation and future strategy of an annual labour budget of over £400m, spread across over 1,000 store locations. Subsequent work through clearspirit has taken Simon to Brussels, Coventry, Oslo, London, Bologna, Prague, Amsterdam, Dublin, Stockholm and Stuttgart to deliver services for a variety of clients spanning fashion retail, local government and high street pharmacies.

Simon’s mix of experience on both sides of the labour spend divide ensures a realistic and clear approach to all projects undertaken. “It is sometimes easy to get lost in spreadsheets and timings, and to lose sight of the real world. My objectives are always to find the correct balance between the practical and theoretical, as this is the only way to deliver real, rather than paper, benefits,” he says.

Simon is a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, but not in karate.